SALIK Tags in Dubai

Your Ultimate Guide to SALIK Tags with Khurshid Transport LLC

Navigating Dubai’s Roads: Your Ultimate Guide to SALIK Tags with Khurshid Transport LLC

Last Updated: August 02, 2023

In the intricate web of Dubai’s roads, understanding the SALIK tag system is key to seamless travel. Khurshid Transport LLC is here to address your queries and guide you through the ins and outs of this automated toll collection system by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

SALIK Tags in Dubai

What is a SALIK Tag?

SALIK, an Arabic term for “open,” symbolizes the unhindered traffic flow in Dubai. Launched on July 1, 2007, SALIK is RTA’s automated toll collection system. The SALIK tag, a crucial component, enables uninterrupted travel across the Emirate’s toll gates.

Acquiring Your SALIK Tag

Upon purchasing a vehicle, your first step is securing a SALIK tag. Easily obtainable online at SALIK’s official website or through authorized dealers like ENOC, Emarat, Epco, Adnoc petrol stations, Dubai Islamic Bank, and Emirates NBD bank, the SALIK tag ensures a hassle-free driving experience.

Do I Need a SALIK Tag for a Rented Car?

If you opt for a rental car in Dubai, rest assured as it comes equipped with a pre-installed SALIK tag. All associated charges will be covered by the car rental agency, separately billed to you.

Activating and Using Your SALIK Tag

Activation is a breeze either through SALIK’s website, app, kiosk, customer happiness center, or call center. RFID technology at toll gates automatically deducts the toll amount from your SALIK account balance as your vehicle passes through.

Costs and Charges

Purchasing the SALIK tag online costs AED 120, inclusive of AED 50 for the tag, AED 50 as toll balance, and AED 20 for delivery. Opting for an authorized dealer excludes the delivery charge, bringing the total cost to AED 100.

Recharging Your SALIK Tag

Recharge your tag promptly, as AED 4 is deducted with each toll gate crossing. Top up through authorized dealers or online via the SALIK website, app, kiosk, banks, epay, or RTA app/website.

Penalties and Fines

Failure to possess a SALIK tag or insufficient funds leads to fines – AED 100 for the first trip, AED 200 for the second, and AED 400 thereafter. Timely recharge within five days avoids fines; otherwise, a daily AED 50 penalty accrues.

Transferring and Deactivating SALIK Tags in Dubai

SALIK tags are non-transferable between vehicles. Deactivate tags through the smart SALIK app, website, customer service location, or the call center. Deactivation is crucial during car sales or in case of loss or theft.

Benefits of the SALIK Tag

The primary advantage is uninterrupted travel, saving time with no toll booth stops. Cashless transactions streamline the process, automatically deducting toll fees from your SALIK account.

Exemptions from SALIK

Certain vehicles, including those driven by people of determination, military and police vehicles, school and college buses, public buses, and ambulances, are exempt from SALIK charges.

In Conclusion

Owning a SALIK tag is mandatory for Dubai car owners, eliminating hefty fines. Khurshid Transport LLC encourages prompt SALIK Tags in Dubai registration for a smooth driving experience. As Abu Dhabi implements toll gates from January 2, 2021, refer to our comprehensive guide for insights into the capital’s toll system.

For any further assistance, contact Khurshid Transport LLC – your partner in navigating Dubai’s roads seamlessly. Safe travels!

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