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Khurshid Transport LLC’s Essential Car Rental Tips for First-Time Explorers


Dreaming of exploring the vast landscapes of the UAE at your own pace? Is the lack of personal transport holding you back from realizing your plans? Look no further! Renting a car with Khurshid Transport LLC is the ideal solution for those without their own vehicle who want to intimately experience the beauty of the country.

While other transportation options exist in the UAE, they may not be as economical or convenient. Taxis can be expensive, and public transport may consume valuable time. Hence, renting a trucks becomes the most practical alternative.


1. Minimum Age:

  • The minimum age for car rental in the UAE is 21.
  • For luxury cars like Ferrari, the minimum age requirement is 25.
2. License:
  • UAE residents need a valid local driving license.
  • Tourists must hold a valid international license.
  • If additional drivers are involved, their licenses should be submitted in advance.
3. Insurance and Security Deposit:
  • Familiarize yourself with the insurance terms.
  • All Khurshid Transport LLC rental vehicles come with 100% basic comprehensive insurance.
  • Consider a collision damage waiver or full insurance for complete coverage, especially if you’re a tourist.
  • Optional personal accident insurance (PAI) is available for drivers and passengers.
  • A security deposit is required in advance, refundable within 21 days after vehicle return.
4. Vehicle Inspection:
  • Thoroughly inspect the car before rental, checking the registration certificate, car insurance, tire pressure, radiator fluid, fuel levels, and accessories.
  • Test drives can be requested to assess the vehicle’s condition.
5. Driving Outside the UAE:
  • UAE rental cars should not be driven outside the country.
  • For trips to neighboring countries, seek permission from Khurshid Transport LLC in advance.

HIRER RESPONSIBILITIES: Once you rent a car from Khurshid Transport LLC, certain responsibilities follow:

  • Return the car on time as specified in the agreement.
  • Use the rented car for personal or business purposes only.
  • No involvement in motorsport activities.
  • Adherence to UAE traffic laws, with responsibility for any incurred fines.
  • Strict abstinence from alcohol or drugs while driving.

BOTTOM LINE: Renting a car with Khurshid Transport LLC is an excellent choice for tourists and those not yet ready to invest in their own vehicle. Business travelers on an extended stay can benefit from our monthly car rental options, offering a convenient and cost-effective solution. Understanding the rules and regulations ensures a trouble-free experience with your rented vehicle. Explore the UAE hassle-free with Khurshid Transport LLC!

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