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Essential Considerations Before Moving: A Guide by Khurshid Transport LLC Introduction

Essential Considerations Before Moving: A Guide by Khurshid Transport LLC


Before finalizing any rental agreement, sale, or lease contract, a thorough property inspection is crucial. This process allows both end consumers and potential tenants to assess the condition of the building, aiding in making informed decisions regarding hiring or purchasing. In this guide presented by Khurshid Transport LLC, we delve into the essential aspects to consider when moving, ensuring a smooth and informed transition.

Inspecting the Property

Whether you’re vacating a house or searching for a new one, understanding the terms of your contract is vital. In Dubai, it’s customary to return the property to its original condition, necessitating services like painting and cleaning, which can be conveniently arranged through Khurshid Transport LLC.

Surveying the Property

Conducting a survey is a crucial step, whether on your own or with the assistance of an estate agent. This ensures expert opinions are considered, addressing essential inquiries during your property visit.

Questions for Rented Houses

Can Alterations be Made?

Before making any modifications, ensure you have the landlord’s signed permit and clarify whether the property must be restored to its original condition upon departure.

Payment Mode

Clarify the details of rent payments, including when and how they should be made.

Maintenance Agreement

Discuss maintenance responsibilities, moving to new house, determining whether services like pool cleaning or paint services are included in the rent or require an additional fee.

Pets Allowed?

If you have or plan to have pets, inquire about the landlord’s policy on pets in the property.

Questions for Newly Bought Houses

Routine Preventive Maintenance

Check the property’s maintenance history to avoid long-term issues that may result from poor or inconsistent repair work.

Market Value

Know the market value of the area, the building’s age, and its potential for return on investment.

Mortgage Information

Ensure the property’s mortgage is clear before finalizing the purchase contract.


Inspect and potentially change the locks for added security.

Insurance Companies

Review insurance policies, moving to new house, especially when moving to a new town or across borders.

Commonly Asked Questions for Both Rented and Purchased Places

Snagging a House

Thoroughly inspect the property for any faults before taking possession, ensuring repairs are certified by the contractor.

House Availability for Shifting

Determine when you can access your property to coordinate with moving and packing services.

Ongoing Expenses

Understand your utility bill expenditures for better financial planning.

Parking Space

Verify the availability and cost of parking spaces, considering guest parking options.


Check for available facilities within a society, such as gyms or pool areas, to align with your preferences.

Security Issues

Ensure the locality’s security measures, including surveillance systems and guards.

Additional Considerations

Apart from the major questions, address minor queries:

  • Handyman services needed, such as pest control or termite treatment? Research reputable companies in Dubai.
  • Location of water shut-off valve in case of a filled day tank.
  • Nearest hospitals, clinics, and grocery shops.
  • Condition and location of the geyser.
  • Accessibility to the fuse box.
  • Options for digital services like TV, phone, and broadband.
  • Trash collection schedule.


Navigating the complexities of a move requires careful consideration of various factors. By addressing the questions provided in this guide, you can make informed decisions for a smooth relocation. Khurshid Transport LLC, a one-stop-shop for all your moving needs, moving to new house, ensures a seamless transition with expert services ranging from painting to cleaning and pest control. Move smartly with Khurshid Transport LLC by your side.

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