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Renewing Your Car Registration Online in Dubai

Renewing Your Car Registration Online in Dubai: A Guide by Khurshid Transport LLC

 Car Registration Online

Dubai’s Smart City Initiative, spearheaded by the government, has embraced digitalization with open arms, making services more accessible. Among the seven services offered online is the renewal of car registration, exclusively provided by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Renewing your vehicle registration has never been easier, thanks to this digital transformation. Let Khurshid Transport LLC guide you through the hassle-free steps to renew your car registration online.

1. Settle Your Traffic Fines:

Before starting the online car registration process, ensure all pending traffic fines are settled. Use the RTA Dubai app or Dubai Now App to pay fines. Blocked fines or black points can only be settled at vehicle registration centers.

2. Renew Your Car Insurance:

Your vehicle insurance must be valid for at least twelve months for successful registration renewal. Once your insurance is renewed, it quickly updates on the RTA portal, streamlining the car registration process.

Steps to Online Car Registration in Dubai: Visit the RTA website or download the RTA Dubai Drive app and follow these steps:

  • Search for your vehicle.
  • Select the delivery mode.
  • Confirm with the plate number and Emirate.
  • Make the payment using your card.

After downloading the app, head to the “RTA services” tab, select “My Vehicles,” then choose “Renew Vehicle.” Input your vehicle details, and a confirmation screen will appear. Make sure your car insurance is renewed before applying for vehicle license renewal. Service fees vary based on your vehicle type and usage.

For car rentals in the UAE, the responsibility lies with the rental company for license renewal. If you prefer the website, log in with your RTA User ID and password, follow instructions, and pay the renewal fee online.

Vehicle Testing in Dubai:

Vehicles under three years old are exempt from testing. For older cars, mandatory testing is required at approved facilities like Shamil, Wasel, and Tasjeel. Testing fees apply.

The process takes about 30 minutes. After passing the test, the result is uploaded to the RTA database, allowing you to continue the online registration procedure. For last-minute renewals, inquire about premium services where testing centers collect, test, and return your vehicle.

The vehicle registration card renewal process is similar in Abu Dhabi, accessible through the Ministry of Interior website or the MOI UAE app.

Cost of Car Registration Renewal:

Renewing your vehicle registration online costs AED 380, valid for one year. Additional charges, such as a AED 25 courier fee, apply. Technical inspection fees are waived for the first three months, saving around AED 170.

Expired Registration? Act within 30 Days:

After expiration, you have a 30-day grace period to renew without penalties. Exceeding three months invites fines and a seven-day vehicle retention in the UAE. For assistance, contact Khurshid Transport LLC or the RTA at 8009090.

Renew your car registration seamlessly with Khurshid Transport LLC, your trusted partner in Dubai’s Smart City Initiative.

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